We train competent product managers

Training for individual product managers or even for the whole team.

Contribyte’s product management training is aimed at product managers, as well as other managers responsible for products, solutions, or services. With the help of our product management training and coaching, companies are able to develop both their product managers and their product management function and thereby design, market, and manage market-oriented products, services, and solutions.

Open training

We organize our open training for all product managers and those who want to play the role.

Multidisciplinary training combines self-study and trainer-led learning.

Company-specific training

Book us to train you at your company premises or anywhere.

We direct the training to suit your business.

"The business orientation of the training supported our goals well and we received help in organizing our product management."

Jurka Rahikkala, COO, Vaadin

Training programs for companies

Even the best methods will not help if development focuses on the wrong things. Product management training is aimed at product managers, product owners, and business owners. For those responsible for showing the direction of development and ensuring that customer needs are met.

Contribyte has the most experienced product management trainers in Finland, who help to develop methods, tools, and market-oriented thinking.

Product management 2.0

Product Owner – agile product owner

We have trained hundreds of product managers and dozens of organizations to be more customer and business oriented. We understand the requirements of the business environment of companies and tailor our training accordingly.

Next open trainings

We organize open training for product managers for two different target groups. Me, as a product manager? is for people jumping from the software to the role of a product manager. Product Management 2.0 training is again for everyone who has been in the role for some time and who wants to develop their skills to the next level.


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Our trainers

Markku Nurmela

Markku Nurmela

Leading consultant

Consultation projects, coaching, methods and product management tools

Phone: 040 501 50 94

Harri Pendolin

Harri Pendolin

Leading consultant, product management and strategy

Product management, strategy, service design

Phone: 040 582 08 65

Antti Suvanto

Antti Suvanto

Senior consultant

Product management consultation projects and training, sales. 

Phone: 050 5994830

Maria Wan

Maria Wan

Service design consultant

Service design, digital CX and customer insights

Phone: 040 586 88 99


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Harri Pendolin – 040 582 08 65

Markku Nurmela – 040 501 50 94

Antti Suvanto – 050 599 48 30

Maria Wan – 040 586 8899


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