Our coaches for product management

Harri Pendolin

Harri Pendolin

Leading consultant, product management and strategy

Product management, strategy, service design

Phone: 040 582 08 65

Markku Nurmela

Markku Nurmela

Leading consultant

Consulting projects, coaching, methods and product management tools.

Phone: 040 501 50 94

Maria Wan

Maria Wan

Service design consultant

Service design, digital CX and customer insights

Phone: 040 586 88 99


Antti Suvanto

Antti Suvanto

Senior consultant

Product management consultation projects and training, sales.

Phone: 050 5994830

We have organizations utilize their full potential in developing products and solutions utilizing digitalization

Eficode’s service offering

User research

A pleasant user experience is a prerequisite for service success. Good usability in turn facilitates the smooth and efficient use of products and systems.

Future Lab

Stay ahead of the competition by innovating new solutions that meet customer expectations and needs in the future.

Service design

Eficode designs concepts and translates ideas into prototypes that can be quickly tested, so you can make sure the concept works at an early stage.

Software development

Successful digital services that drive a company’s strategy require seamless collaboration between business, technology, and design expertise.

Product development tools, licenses and services

Most essential tool services, optimization, development and licenses for improving product development. Services, optimization, development and licenses for  Atlassian.


Software development, product management and service desing training for teams and individual contributors.

We are already 470+ people in 8 countries!


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