Product Management 2.0

Currently we have not scheduled public courses in English.

Product Management 2.0


Product Management 2.0 is 3-day training which gives a holistic view to Product Management. Training covers tasks of Product Management starting from the product strategy creation going all way to termination of obsolete products and features. Training teaches how to create, market and manage products and services successfully.

Theory and practical exercises

Product Management 2.0 includes lectures, exercises and group works. The different areas of Product Management are covered by interactive lectures and discussions, complemented by exercises individually, in pairs and small groups. Useful and liked groupworks demonstrates practical methods to bring new product ideas alive iteratively, testing with MVP’s and customer feedback.

By completing this training

  • You understand the real role of Product Management and will become a valuable asset for your company. 
  • You will know (and have) tools and templates which will make your work easier and increase the productivity
  • You will be able to work more efficiently with your most important stakeholders

Preliminary agenda of the Product Management 2.0 Training

1. Day
Introduction to Strategic Product Management
Introduction to Product Strategy
Organizing Product Management
Group work: Pitch – Finding a new business opportunity

2. Day
Market Opportunity
Product Planning, Requirement Management
Group work: Business Model Creation

3. Day
Product Marketing
Group work: Validating a new product idea with MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Product Lifecycle Management

Training includes Product Managers Toolbox and training materials.

Open course (in Finnish)

Currently we have not scheduled public courses in English.

Company Specific

  • Venue of your choice
  • Tailored content
  • 2-3 Training days

Ask for additional information!

Harri Pendolin – 040 582 0865

Markku Nurmela – 040 501 5094

Antti Suvanto – 050 599 4830

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