Is managing products challenging?

Product management is about getting the whole team to work towards a shared vision without command. It is also about understanding the market and business expertise. Strategic choices and product marketing both internally and for customers.

A product without a product manager is like a ship without a captain!

Product Management 2.0

Training for all tech product managers, who want to excel in their profession.

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Would you like to be a product manager in software? This training is teaches the basis for sw product management.

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The benefits of a product strategy are undeniable!

The benefits of a product strategy are undeniable!

Why do you need a product strategy?

An effective product strategy makes portfolio management and prioritization more easy and efficient. On the blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of a product strategy – and what a good product strategy entails.

Product Manager’s Career Path – 5 Tips for Success

Product Manager’s Career Path – 5 Tips for Success

Professional career and product management have one thing in common: too often they are left to drift towards the unknown without a clear plan. A product manager’s career requires planning. With these five tips, you are creating a successful career for yourself.

Why hit your head against a wall with a problem that is probably already solved? Learn the tricks of product management from others. It is best accomplished by participating in product management events.

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